Tours in the Dolomites for enthusiasts

L'Officina Italiana

The way group car tours work

Whether you are a member of a Car Club or are part of a group of enthusiasts, with us you can live an extraordinary driving experience in the Dolomite landscape, without having to think about anything else, but enjoying the road and the view behind the wheel of your beloved car.
The owner Cristian Marin, with his team of “L’Officina Italiana”, will take care of the rest and the tour organization, supported by the hospitality of the Savoia Hotel.

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What we have already organized

Over the years, at “L’Officina Italiana” we have organized several car tours. Here are some examples:

Experience the real  Italian lifestyle on a unique trip, experience the emotion of a sunset in a vineyard, a dinner in a villa and the thrill of driving a luxury car on the scenic roads of one of the most fascinating countries in the world.

Aiuti di stato

Regime quadro nazionale sugli aiuti di Stato – COVID 19 (Contributo a fondo
perduto Art. 1 commi da 5 a 15 del DL 73/2021)
€ 20.146,00

Regime quadro nazionale sugli aiuti di Stato – COVID 19 (Credito imposta affitti Art.
4 del DL 73/2021)
€ 12.562,50

“Per eventuali Aiuti di Stato/de minimis si fa riferimento al contenuto del seguente
sito governativo: